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About us

We bring high quality Beauty, Wellness and Fitness  Services to you. Anywhere. Anytime. With our LuxFox website and app, we took out the hassle of our busy lives and made high-quality beauty and wellbeing services easy to book.

Problems create the best ideas. And our founder, Juliana Kolarski, had a big one: as a successful businesswoman, she was used to juggling appointments and locations. But often, the factor leisure was left behind. She wanted to feel relaxed and well-groomed despite the shortage of time - without the stress in traffic, looking for a parking space and long lines in the waiting room.

So far, only celebrities have used and benefited from the in-house services. LuxFox revolutionizes the market and offers high-quality in-house services at affordable prices for everyone.

LuxFox connects customers with highly skilled beauty, wellness & workout experts. 

Our promise: quality & reliability.

Our Story

Juliana Kolarski
Juliana Kolarski, Founder
We live in an accelerated world. More choices than ever are available to us, yet we rarely find what we need. And to tell the truth, who does not want to be beautiful and feel good – always and anywhere? With LuxFox, we make that easy, for women and men likewise, as I do think men want to be pampered and groomed as well. So we have digitalized the process that requires the most time and patience. No long search for a nearby beauty salon, a suitable appointment, the best stylist. And I can guarantee you: LuxFox makes life easier – and more beautiful!
Christina Vacirca, Co-Founder @christina_vacirca
Two decades of experience in the cosmetics industry, have taught me one thing: Our perception of beauty has changed fundamentally. Before we were observers, looking at beautiful and stylish people in tabloids, ads, and TV-Shows. These days it is us, who want to be beautiful, pampered and groomed. With LuxFox I have the chance to be part of this amazing journey building a platform for women and men who want to feel and look good when they go out, at their job and even at home. And I continue my mission – as I did when being a Global Senior Makeup Artist at MAC Cosmetics for 16 years: working with high-quality products, offering a highly professional service, anticipating trends, and not forgetting about the human touch.
Prof. Dr. Peter Fissenewert, Co-Founder
Berlin is the start-up capital of Europe, vibrant and diverse, evolving at a breakneck pace. The most creative minds of the continent call it their home. Being a lawyer and consultant, I have been able to accompany the market launch of many start-up companies successfully. Through the age of digitalization, we start to value craftsmanship and the service sector more and more. LuxFox is combining both; therefore it is one of the most exciting start-up companies and will certainly change the way we consume beauty and wellbeing services - in Berlin and the rest of the world!

Our Services

LuxFox offers you a wide range of beauty and wellbeing services delivered to your doorsteps. You choose the time, the place and the service.
Our LuxFox experts are certified hair & makeup stylists, yoga teachers, massage therapists and more. With their skills and experience, they will arrive at your door with premium products and equipment to leave you looking and feeling fabulous!

6 reasons to love LuxFox

As a LuxFox Customer you love us because

You save time, money & spare your nerves. With only a couple of clicks, you can book your beauty and wellbeing services directly to your home, office, hotel or any other locations 24/7.
You can trust us. We work with highly qualified well-trained experts with years of experience and an excellent reputation.
You are keen on new trends and styles. Our experts are trendsetters and are home on the catwalks, the hottest clubs and high streets of New York, London and Paris.
You are enjoying our high-end service with premium cosmetic products and tools. New products are added to our assortment immediately.
Your opinion is highly important to us. For us to continually improve our services, your wishes and suggestions are vital to us. We do assess our LuxFox experts on a regular base.
You are always up to date. If you do not have an appointment, your LuxFox newsletter, and our blog keep you updated continually. Sign up now; your beauty will thank you.