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3 Original Looks from Makeup Artist Melissa R.

  • 3 Original Looks from Makeup Artist Melissa R.
High-profile make-up artist Melissa R. discusses three of her original looks with LuxFox.
2 years ago

Melissa R. is an Italian make up artist based in Berlin. She has worked for brands such as MAYBELLINE New York, Gucci, Philipp Plein, Wolford, Dolce & Gabbana and Bread and Butter by Zalando. Here, she tells us about the inspirations and techniques behind three looks that she created.


Look 1: That 70s Vibe

This shoot came about because I clicked with a photographer called Karlo, who I had worked with on some commercial projects, so we decided to do something together. When we took the photos, we said, “Wow, this is so Vogue,” and one of the photos from this set did actually end up being featured in Vogue!

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Look 2: Gloss and Shimmer

I love glossy eyes -- you can use eye gloss or even just lip gloss on the eyelids for this -- because it can look very elegant. It’s not a look for every day, because it’s sticky, but here, with the light, it looked good.

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I also liked the model’s braces, which you can see if you look closely, and that also provides some shine. In fact, I wanted everything to be a bit shimmery, and I had just got this new eyeshadow palette I really wanted to play with, but not on the eyes. So I actually used the eyeshadow as highlighter, and on the lips, on top of the lipstick.

In the end, the gloss on the eyes, the shimmer from the braces and the shimmer on the lips, mixed with the dark lip colour and gothic vibe, ended up looking very cool.


 Look 3: Tunisian Inspiration

I went to Tunisia last year, to a little city called Sidi Bou Said, and was inspired by these doors that have these wonderful patterns on them. So when I came back, I tried out a makeup look on myself inspired by that, and posted it on Instagram. The picture got so much response, and people were really inspired by it that I decided to recreate the look on a model. As you can see, the look on the model is a little simpler.

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  So there you go - makeup looks can even be inspired by doors! To see more from Melissa R., take a look on her portfolio [Link Portfolio] or you can book her to create a look for you via LuxFox!



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