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Get your treatments like celebrities do

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6 benefits of getting your wanted treatments to your door
1 year ago

What could be more VIP than coming out of the shower, jump into your bathrobe and there the door bells already - your ordered Stylist is at the door. You dont need to leave your house for your most wanted treatments!

Whether hair, make-up, workouts or more: If you want to feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin, you can not do without regular beauty treatments. The problem? Often we do not have the time. And nobody is in the mood for annoying appointments or long waiting times. Luxfox can help: Your hairdresser, stylist, make-up artist or personal trainer comes straight to you - and treats you where you are. In the following, we take a close look at the 6 big advantages of mobile beauty service providers.

And dont miss the video at the end to see how this beautiful look was created: 

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Advantage # 1: Pure relaxation

Let's be honest: even the most beautiful beauty salon can not reach its own four walls. At home, most people just feel comfortable and can relax the best. A beauty treatment at home therefore increases your well-being. You have no stress and the home atmosphere creates trust. So you can fully indulge in the treatment.


Advantage # 2: Maximum flexibility

A mobile beauty treatment can take place anywhere. Not just at home, but also with friends, in the hotel or at work. You have maximum flexibility and can combine the treatment perfectly with your everyday life or squeeze between two appointments. Even a treatment during the lunch break in the office is easily possible.


Advantage # 3: More time

With mobile beauty you always have time for your treatment. Because you save long travel times and parking space search, annoying waiting and you do not have to organize a babysitter for your appointment. You do not even have to get ready - just relax in the bathrobe and soon your hairdresser or make-up artist is at your doorstep. It could not be more comfortable!


Advantage # 4: Easy and fast booking

Appointments can be so easy! At LuxFox there are no long queues or complicated appointment searches. With our clear website and app, you can choose your Beautyservice in no time and book. Easy and comfortable via smartphone and with just a few clicks. Simply choose service, date, time and location and you're ready to go. Always and everywhere!


Advantage # 5: Last-minute appointments

Beauty salons have limited capacities. Last-minute appointments or spontaneous treatments are therefore rarely possible. This is not the case with mobile service providers. Often you can also book appointments at short notice - and let yourself be styled perfect, for example, before going out. To make you look dazzling whenever you need it!


Advantage # 6: Personally

Mobile beauty treatments are more personal. Unlike the salon, there are no other customers or colleagues who can distract you and your beauty expert. So your hairdresser or stylist is 100 percent in the matter and you can enjoy your treatment to the fullest. For a perfect treatment, more relaxation and maximum results.


Mobile Beauty with LuxFox

Are you looking for a good mobile beauty service provider? Then have a look at our website. There you will find all the services of a good beauty salon - and you can simply book the experts to your home or office. We do not only provide high quality hairdressers, nail designers or make-up specialists. Even personal trainers and wedding stylists can be found here.


The special thing about it: With just a few clicks, you can see the experts in your area. You can browse through his reference pictures, compare reviews and book directly with your desired expert. What are you waiting for?

 Get your own VIP treatment!




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