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How to Add A Pop Of Colour to Your Makeup This Summer

  • How to Add A Pop Of Colour to Your Makeup This Summer
Want to add some colour to your makeup, but not sure how? Makeup Artist Christina Vacirca gives us her top tips.
2 years ago

Summer is the perfect time to embrace colour. But how can we do it in a way that is stylish, attractive and fun? Makeup artist Christina Vacirca explains how using colour doesn’t have to be difficult or scary; it’s just about where you place it, how much you use, and how you combine it with the rest of your palette.


Here’s her best advice on summer makeup looks with a pop of colour.


Go With A Bold Lip.

A bold lip is perfect for the summer, especially for people who don’t like too much makeup on their eyes, and if you’re going to be wearing sunglasses for most of the day. Simply combine a nude eye with a bright lip colour for an urban, fashionable look.


Extra Tip: Hot Pink, with its play on girliness and sophistication, is a great shade to try!  

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Try A Blush-Look

A blush-look creates a spa-fresh, dewy, young effect. It’s important to choose a calm colour, because otherwise it can easily appear overdone. Add some curled lashes, mascara and lip gloss to complete this fresh, juicy, watermelon-y look.

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Monochromatic Eyes

If you want to add some colour to your makeup but don’t want it to look like too much, decide on just one colour and play with different shades within the same range. For the summer, Christina recommends colours that reflect the sea, such as deep blues for evenings, and turquoise for during the day.


Extra Tip: Teal combined with gold will give you a glamorous wow factor.


Coloured Mascaras

Ten years ago, the trend with coloured mascaras was to add a hint of it to the tips of your lashes. Nowadays, if you go for it, you should just go for it! Add a lot to both your top and bottom lashes and make it the focus of your face. If you want more, you can always add eyeliner in a matching colour. For example, blue mascara with blue eyeliner will create a bolder look.


Ombre Eyes

There’s a place on your eyes where you can use bold colour, and a lot of it, but where it will still easily integrate with the rest of your natural makeup, and that’s the waterline. Imagine a very naturally done brown eye, with a very pretty green inside the waterline. This pop of colour will look fresh and a little different from normal makeup, without seeming overloaded. As an addition, apply an eyeshadow in a slightly lighter shade of the same colour underneath the eyes, creating an ombre look.


We hope you enjoy these tips and tricks, and have fun adding some colour into your makeup this summer!


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