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Model Tips: Lucy Schmolling

  • Model Tips: Lucy Schmolling
Hamburg-based model Lucy Schmolling, who has worked for the Topshop Denim Campaign and Bottega Veneta, talks to LuxFox about beauty, style and more.
1 year ago

What exciting things have you been up to recently?

Recently, I’ve been in touch with my agency in Paris for upcoming projects after finishing my A'Levels. What I love about modelling is that you get to work with so many different people and cultures. Together, this team of individuals creates an outcome that you can be proud of.

What’s your daily skincare routine?

I like to keep it quite simple. I use a gentle cleanser, moisture serum and face cream every morning and evening. Once in a while, I clean my face with an enzyme peeling, which is great for sensitive skin. My secret weapon against small pimples is tea-tree oil.

What is your off-duty look?

Oversized t-shirt or cozy sweater, skinny jeans and a pair of solid boots.

You have a beautiful mole, like Cindy Crawford, who said that she felt insecure and wanted remove it as a child. Did you ever feel this way?

No, I know that it’s noticeable, and I can comprehend why she might felt insecure but my parents always taught me that being yourself and being different from others is good and important. Nevertheless, I regularly check whether it needs to be removed for health reasons.

What is your personal top beauty tip?

Drink a lot of water, manage your stress levels and nourish your body with good food. I honestly believe that beauty comes from within.

What tips have you picked up from working with hair stylists?

If you want natural beach waves without affecting your hair with heat or heavy products, you can simply curl your wet hair in two separated sideward buns. Fix them with some bobby pins and let them air-dry completely. Afterwards, brush your hair out and you’re ready to go!

What tips and tricks have you picked up from working with makeup artists?

Use hairspray instead of eyebrow gel. It keeps your brows in place all day. Plus, this trick saves money and effort.

Who's your beauty icon?

That’s a hard question because there are so many beautiful women around the world. But Irina Shayk is someone that I really look up to.

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