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Pro Tips: Holiday Looks with Kseniya Arhangelova

  • Pro Tips: Holiday Looks with Kseniya Arhangelova
She is a stylist, model and all-round creative force who has worked with Russian avant-garde designer Victoria Stepanova, Valentina Braun Couture, and magazines such as L'Officiel, Elle, ICON and more. Here are her glamorous looks for party season.
1 year ago

Kseniya, you’re a hard woman to get hold of! What exciting things have you been up to?

Yes, I’ve been travelling all over the place for about the last 10 years, and I do a lot of different things! At the moment, I work as a designer and am inspired by the works of McQueen.

The most exciting thing I’ve done recently was an underwater shoot with a wonderful couple David and Melanie Benz. That was a big achievement because I have a phobia of depth and I couldn’t dive at all!


That all sounds amazing -- and exhausting. This time of year is often just as busy for our readers as they hop from one party to the next. What’s your advice for keeping fresh with such a packed schedule?

Drink a lot of water! Not just tea, coffee and other drinks, but water. Healthy sleep plays a significant role and it's good to visit a swimming pool 2-3 times per a week. I also like using shea butter creams, which nourish the skin and make it feel velvety.


What are your favorite trends for this season?

I'm totally in love with leather outfits this season as this style is close to my avantgarde vision: Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu, Givenchy, Hermes.

For hair, I like slicked-back braids (Alexander Mcqueen show), the messy wet-look, curly fringes, the roaring twenties, adventurous glamour, polished pony, big side-swept hair and coloured wigs.

And for makeup, I like pale foundation, black eyeliner, waterlined, inner silver, glitter and shimmer eyeshadow, bedroom smokey eyes, lip stains, glossy lips, wine lips, nude lips, red lipstick.

The looks you create are very classy and elegant, perfect for parties. How did you achieving the look above?

My main inspiration was Dita Von Teese. She is the queen of glamour.

We made this look using 1940s style waves, red lips, red natural nails, black eyeliner (cat eyes), blowing eyebrows, pale foundation, silver jewelry, and an elegant and sexual dress.

You can see how we created the hair on this  Pinterest  page. And, as you can see, I already mentioned several trends of this season while I was naming what we did to create the look : )


And what would you recommend for people who want a more bold, colorful  look?

One more trend of this season is coloured wigs. For the look below, I cut a wig by myself and had only one thought in my mind: "Lady Gaga". She is totally free minded and unafraid to go out of the frame.

I like wigs in general, because you can keep your hair "safe". If you want to change your hairstyle, just use a wig. You can take it off at any time, which is what I usually do. That's why I still have long and not coloured hair : D

So, if you want to look bold, don't be afraid to use colors. You can wear pink, purple, blue, green, ombre wigs. Mix it with similar colors in your clothes. Fake fur, faux flowers, glass are perfect materials to make your outfit unforgettable. You can decorate your old jeans, shorts, dresses or sweaters by yourself.

With such look you can keep your makeup calm, more natural or nude, or you go with one more hot trend of this season: Pop of Color (neon lime eyeshadow, yellow mascara, mint under-eye liner, etc.).


What is your favorite product for this season?

The eyes are the mirror of the soul.
So, if you want to attract attention, then you should definitely use a new Chanel product - LE VOLUME RÉVOLUTION DE CHANEL Mascara. It makes the eyelashes very voluminous and draws attention to your expressive eyes.


Scent is important too. What perfume are you wearing this season?

My absolute favorite is a french perfume Cafe Intenso. I tried it 12 years ago during a trip to Transylvania and fell in love with it. I remember I wasn't able to find that perfume anywhere several years. A miracle happened when I saw a familiar bottle in Akropolis  (the largest shopping center in Europe) during my studies at the University in Vilnius. I was so happy. Women always asked me which perfume I use and where to buy it, but I kept it in a secret ; )


Ooh we like secrets -- tell us another one. How about your favorite makeup trick?

The long lasting lipstick matte look: After applying a lipstick hold a tissue over your lips and apply powder over it. This creates a matte look which lasts much longer.


For more, follow Kseniya on  Instagram  and in case you need help with styling, book yourself a LuxFox Expert and lean back.


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