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Pro Tips: Makeup Artist Christina Vacirca on this Year’s Hottest Festival Looks

  • Pro Tips: Makeup Artist Christina Vacirca on this Year’s Hottest Festival Looks
It’s all about the glitter.
2 years ago

Christina Vacirca has worked as one of the best professional master artist at international fashion weeks in London, Paris, Milan and New York and collaborated with designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Kenzo, DKNY and Burberry. In her interview, she shares her best tips and insights about festival makeup with LuxFox followers.


What are the hottest looks right now?

There’s been a shift from flowers to glitter over the last few festival seasons -- and not just glitter, anything shiny - like crystals, bindis, and tattoos - is in.



Great! We love glitter. Where do we put it?

The placement is of glitter at festivals is different to the usual use of glitter. You can put it all over your face instead of just using it to make your eyes pop. But it’s not a glitter explosion, like we’ve seen in techno raves. Festival glitter is a bit more bohemian, with the use of glitter tattoos for example. There is still a concept behind it - it’s not just thrown on.



What are your pro tips for applying glitter?

I always customise my glitter, so I mix three or four glitters together to make a new colour scheme. I also mix up the glitter sizes as well, so I combine fine glitter with heavy glitter to create a pretty glitter story. Don’t forget to shop around at different brands, because they all specialise in things. For example, some are good for producing lovely colours, while others make glittery stars, moons and hearts.

Festival Tip: Prepare your glitter mix at home and put it in a little pot to take with you on the road. The good thing about glitter is that it takes less time to apply than proper makeup. Very small glitter particles adhere without glue, although you might need some glue for chunky glitter or crystals. Plus, because it attracts so much focus and attention that you don’t need to apply too much other makeup. Just some lip gloss and mascara and you’re good to go!


Is there anything else we should we pack along with our wonderful pot of glitter?

Yes, wipes, for quick and easy makeup removal. You can get different types, from baby soft to ones that give you a peeling effect. They’re perfect for festivals because you don’t need water, and you can also use them for other things, like cleaning your hands.

Talking about hands, what should we do about nails?

Use something that covers dirt under your nails! [laughs] So no creamy colours or french manicures. Black, red, and popping blues and greens are good go-to colours, and you can apply a coat of glitter on top so it fits in with the rest of your look.



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