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Top Tips for Glossy Lips

  • Top Tips for Glossy Lips
Get the most out of the summer shine by making your lips ultra glossy. Read on to find out how.
1 year ago

Glossy lips are in. And no wonder. They make your lips look fuller, more attractive, and are super moisturising and protective. In addition to classics like MAC's Lipglass, the market has exploded with all sorts of new, glossy products, like Becca Glow Gloss, which contains light-reflecting pigments and Yves Saint Laurent’s Beauté Volupté Liquid Balm, which nourishes with vitamin E, coconut water, and shea butter. Whichever product you decide to choose, here are some tips for a flawless shine.

Exfoliate First

Before you do anything, use a lip scrub (or even a gentle face exfoliator) to get rid of any dead skin.

Follow with lip balm and lip serum

The prep’s not over yet. Since you’ll be bringing a lot of attention to your lips with gloss, you will want them looking as luscious as possible. Apply lip balm, followed

 by lip serum around your lips to make them look even more smoother.

Use lipliner to make your gloss last longer

Gloss does have a tendency to rub off, so you’ll have to reapply during the day. But applying lipliner that matches the colour of your gloss as a base, will make the gloss last for longer.

Don’t keep layering

Try to apply gloss in single, smooth strokes. Too much layering will mess with your shine!

Be inspired by experts

There are so many ways to play with gloss. Experiment with the different colours, sheens, and even scents that today’s lip glosses come in, and be inspired by the experts. For example, check out this MAC tutorial about how to create nude glossy lips:

Keep the rest of your makeup simple

Gloss will draw attention to your lips; to experience the full effect, keep the rest of your makeup simple, with just a touch of blush or a dash of eyeliner to complete your look.

Enjoy your chance to shine in the sun with glossy lips!

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