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What Is Mewing? Everything You Need To Know About The New YouTube Beauty Obsession

  • What Is Mewing? Everything You Need To Know About The New YouTube Beauty Obsession
A new exercise that claims to naturally reshape your jaw is the latest internet trend. LuxFox gives you the lowdown on everything you need to know about it.
1 year ago

Search YouTube for ‘mewing’ and you’ll get around 7000 results. Along with chat on boards like Reddit and Quora, as well as beauty blogs, it’s the latest online beauty trend. But what exactly is it?

You’ve heard of good back posture, sitting posture and standing posture, but has anyone ever told you about correct tongue posture?

Mewing is a way of adjusting the posture of your tongue to give you health benefits and make your jawline and face more symmetrical. All you have to do is hold your head straight, so your back teeth rest on each other and push your tongue up to the top of your mouth. This video explains how:

But does it work?

Mewing is named after the British father and son orthodontists Dr John Mew and Dr Mike Mew, who should know what they’re talking about. But as yet, there are no scientific studies to prove their claims.

All we have to go on is the posts of people on Instagram and YouTube who have tried it. Here’s a recent video from 28-year-old Tina, who has been mewing for a month. Although she hasn’t seen any great change in the way she looks, she has noticed some health benefits, such as improved breathing.

Should you try it?

Even though it has not been proved, many people have reported positive results from mewing. If it really is a non-invasive way to improve your jawline, there’s no harm in practising it every now and then -- just don’t get obsessed!

Happy mewing :)



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